5 September 2011

Where Has The Summer Gone?

Many of us view Labor Day as the end of summer, but the historical significance is quite interesting. The first Labor Day in the US was observed on September 5, 1882 and it became an official holiday in 1894. The Labor movement initiated the day to pay tribute to the contributions of American workers.

With continuing concerns about the job losses, a record number of people looking for employment and the overall weak economy its certainly not easy being an American worker these days.  A weekend to forget about our problems might be just what the doctor ordered.

On this Labor Day, let’s hope for great weather all across the country so that we can all enjoy time with friends and family.

Be safe and have fun!

One thought on “Where Has The Summer Gone?

  1. I was wondering when Labor Day first became an official holiday. I didn't realize it was that recent. For once I finally did take advantage of Labor Day weekend and relaxed. It was what the doctor ordered.

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