4 February 2016

The Top Five Takeaways From Seth Godin’s Keynote at Inman Connect 2016


The epicenter of the real estate industry last month was Inman Connect New York City, where over 3,500 real estate professionals and 200 speakers have come together to share ideas, network, see what’s next in technology and learn how to be better at their craft.

The Wednesday morning session, January 27, featured keynote speaker Seth Godin, who gave a riveting presentation, which many are saying was one of the best in Inman Connect history. For those unfamiliar, Godin is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and marketer who has grown and sold multiple tech companies since the mid-90s. He has also released 17 books, including the groundbreaking Tribes.

In a presentation full of amazing content, below are the top five highlights that I feel real estate professionals can learn from:

1) “Low price is the refuge of the marketer that has run out of ideas, who has run out of imagination.”

We are increasingly seeing a “race to the bottom” in this business. It’s more important than ever for agents to not only craft their value proposition but know how to effectively communicate it to their clients in order to protect their commissions and deliver world-class service.

2) “You must become aligned with the people you serve, where your win and their win are the same.”

As Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate CEO Sherry Chris mentioned later in the day, we are in an age where the consumer drives the real estate business. Relationships are more important than ever in the face of tech, which can dehumanize steps of the real estate journey. You can’t fake genuine passion for what you do and you can’t fake authenticity. Sales skills are important but customer service is key.

3) “More than 80% of people that chose their broker chose the person that called them back first.”

Agents wear a lot of hats and it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks that accompany a real estate career. It’s important to remember that the client is busy as well, and when you receive a call or email from a prospective buyer or seller, they’re telling you that they are looking to discuss real estate THEN. This is the portion of their day that they can devote to this task, so speed of response is critical.

4) “Nobody gets a Suzuki Tattoo.”

Did you know that Harley Davidson made more money last year selling merchandise than it did selling motorcycles? Brand matters but not all brands are alike. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate professionals benefit from partnering with not only a tech savvy, forward thinking real estate brand, but a consumer-facing brand identity that has been a part of millions of consumers’ lives for over 100 years. Because of this relationship, agents are empowered with content that will help them be relevant to their clients 365 days a year.

5) “Are you remarkable? If all you’re doing is standing between them and the data, there will be a lot of disappointment.”

For decades, real estate professionals were the guardians of the data. There were no public facing websites where clients could search for properties; they had to meet with an agent to receive that information. Obviously those days are long behind us, and in the face of a savvier consumer you must be remarkable to truly succeed.

I often tell audiences that you must give the client something that they can’t just “Google” to truly provide value. With online reviews growing in popularity, agents must know what makes them unique and not just do the bare minimum to market themselves or serve their clients if they hope to stand out from the crowd. You must be prepared AND ready for success, not just at your current level of production but where you hope to be a year from now.

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