22 April 2009

The Top 10 Things to Remember from an Outstanding Day

Today reminded me of a big family wedding.  The courting started quite some time ago and began in a friendly and courteous way.  Both sides wondering if the match was the right one, going back and forth on different issues. Then suddenly there were little signs – signs of compatibility, signs that indicated both sides felt they might be better together than apart. Then the realization that this was in fact a perfect match. The short amount of time to plan and execute the event was intense, multiple meetings, phone calls, e-mails, a lot needed to happen fast. All leading up to the big day – the announcement that Rand Realty and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate had joined forces. A perfectly executed announcement and event that I will remember for a long time.

As I drove back to the office this afternoon, I began to feel the emotional void one feels when the event itself  is over. I started thinking about the highlights, and there were many. I formulated a top 10 list in my mind – here are some of them:

  • Greg Rand talking about the pursuit of happiness
  • The loyalty Marsha Rand has built within her company – I have never seen anything like it
  • The significance of the word Trust
  • The wall of green that surrounded the stage
  • A room filled to capacity with standing room only
  • Joe Rand doing a cartwheel for the audience
  • Applause, cheering, smiling, hugging, excitement
  • Matt Rand holding the audience captive
  • Green neck ties, green scarves
  • The pride I felt for our entire team

There are many more. As our new marriage  begins to grow, we have both the fond memories of today and the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead.

(Photos from this outstanding day)

7 thoughts on “The Top 10 Things to Remember from an Outstanding Day

  1. You see, I can spend two months working through this transition, craft amazing graphs showing our market dominance, bring people almost to tears (including, apparently, myself) with an impassioned speech about trust, and the only thing that will be remembered is that i did a cartwheel. And not even really a cartwheel. More like a "roundoff," whatever that is.

    Lawyers get no respect. 🙂

  2. I must say that Greg's talk about the pursuit of happiness in particular, touched a nerve for me. In everything that we do and how busy we all are, it is easy to get caught up and forget the simple and most important things. Bravo to Greg and to everyone involved. It was a truly outstanding day.

  3. On the contrary Joe! I think your cartwheel/roundoff/rolling thing actually help establish your personal brand as a real estate legend. Thanks so much for creating the opportunity for me to be part of such an exciting project

  4. Yesterday could have been simply about a great business deal. It wasn’t.

    Yesterday was about the channeling the passions of two teams coming together. Passion of purpose, passion of growth, passion of success, passion of family (those by birth and those by choice), passion to follow one’s own path. Everyone I heard speak on the dais and below it emanated those passions like an aura, and I am honored to have been a witness.

    And the two tone egg salad mini-sandwiches were pretty cool too.


  5. There is no question that Better Homes and Gardens is the best brand in real estate — Thanks to your vision Sherry. I am so proud to be involved. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

    It was an amazing event and the turnover has been seamless and flawless. We told our transition team 4 weeks ago and we had everything ready – business cards, yard signs, sign riders, promotional materials, building signs and banners, amazing ad designs, a brand new website at http://www.randrealty.com with unprecedented content, email transitioned and a launch event to rival a national Convention – all launched n the last 36 hours!

    Our agents are comfortable, confident, trusting and excited. Our sellers are loving the new name.

    I am a true believer in the power of this organization and I look forward to growing together!

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