13 November 2009

Stefan Swanepoel – Social Media is NOT a fad!

Exclusive interview with Stefan Swanepoel, author of the Swanepoel reports on the increasingly faster pace of change, how to get involved and make sure you know what you need to know to succeed!

4 thoughts on “Stefan Swanepoel – Social Media is NOT a fad!

  1. Listing to the San Diego conference on line and understanding more, and more about Social Media
    and what is out there today has changed how I as an agent needs to get out there more on Social Media.Learning from Mr. Interenet class last week on Re Bar Camp was an eye opening of which I hope to join in on the classes when they start.Yes today everything is Social media now and for the future.But we all need to have some kind of directions from our Managers either by our office meetings or and on line seesion to help agents who need help to get started in todays future.

  2. He's right, it's not a fad, social media is a way of life. Anyone hoping it will go away needs to watch this. This is the way we communicate now and everything seems to be changing and adapting to incorporate social media business strategies. The exciting part is that there are very few rules and so many ways to choose to communicate now….your message is not limited to one or two outlets.

  3. I've never understood why people think social media is a fad. Human beings are social animals with a thirst for knowledge. Unless both of those fundamental components of human nature disappear, social media — in some form — isn't going anywhere.

  4. I hope they abolish the mortgage interest tax deduction on all 2nd homes & then gradually reduce it ti very low on primary residence.
    He sounds like a highly trained economist and with a genuine interest in public finance

    By the way, what ever happened to used car lots?

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