7 December 2009

Metro Brokers

Today Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is twice as nice as we double the size of our agent force and announce the addition of Atlanta-Based Metro Brokers to our family.

The media and blogosphere is all atwitter, literally, about the news, which is quite possibly the largest brand transition to date. And if it’s not, then it is certainly among the largest. We just couldn’t be more proud!

Georgia’s largest real estate broker, known for its ubiquitous mascot Metro Mike, the “living, breathing real estate sign” who attends parades and graces billboards throughout Greater Atlanta, adds 28 office locations and nearly 2,300 agents to our network.

The creative branding and entrepreneurial spirit behind Metro Brokers is embodied by its impressive leader Kevin Levent and is a perfect fit for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

Metro Brokers shares our deep appreciation for the blending of technology and marketing to better serve an evolving real estate market. It exemplifies our concept of “Next Generation Brokerage” with its encouragement of telecommuting, smaller office sizes, digital promotion and individual growth.

Just as we are devoted to all that our iconic brand signifies, Metro Brokers also values its deep heritage. The first time I walked into one of their offices, I was struck by the pride in how they communicated and showcased their brand. From the video reel in the waiting room to the large room of beautifully designed material to the logo-etched glass tables, it was clear to me that this firm was vigilant to its brand promise.

When we launched the new Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brand a mere 16 months ago, it was the vision of announcements just like this that kept us focused and true to our value proposition. Today we will take a breath and celebrate this accomplishment with Kevin and his team. Tomorrow we will continue our quest to partner with like minded brokerages and create what is truly the real estate brand of the future.

For more information about this real estate milestone, check out our press release here. And join the celebration remotely on our Flickr feed, or Facebook fan page and on Twitter.

11 thoughts on “Metro Brokers

  1. We are on a roll!! Congratulations to everyone at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and our new friends at Metro Stars! This is the best brand in real estate and we are proud to see the network grow. Thank you Sherry!!

  2. Sherry and BH&G Team –

    Congratulations on what will most likely be the last big splash acquisistion of the decade. How exciting for you and your other brokers and team members.

    I am sure the Greater Atlanta area will welcome the challenge and your newest team members will bring a tremendous amount of professionalism and service to the market place and their customers.

    I’ll enjoy learning more about this new addition on your social media outlets.

    Sean – Ohio NRT Companies

  3. Congratulations again! Loved to see the support you guys get on the Interwebs 🙂 And that's because people genuinely like you and what you do. Kudos!

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