9 February 2012

How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting and Talent Attraction


As social media continues to change the way we do business, looking to LinkedIn as yet another recruiting tool can prove to be extremely valuable.  While Facebook, Twitter and other social sites boost visibility and awareness of your personal brand, LinkedIn is unique in its business focus.   The possibility of connecting with real estate agents within your community in one easy to use location makes LinkedIn an important talent attraction tool you can’t afford to overlook.

LinkedIn’s growth over the last several years has been substantial.  With over 143 million users, LinkedIn is growing at a speed of more then 2 new members per second according to LinkedIn statistics.  This makes LinkedIn one of the top sites to connect with real estate professionals in your market.

Your first step is ensuring that your own LinkedIn profile is complete.  Once you have entered all of your information from past employment to contact details; you can begin to make connections to real estate professionals in your market.

How to Use LinkedIn for Talent Attraction:

  1. Join groups on LinkedIn and create or engage in relevant conversations.  Start a topic around a niche and get a conversation going with that crowd. You can identify the topic you are interested in (e.g. real estate) and provide helpful answers to these questions. Doing so can help establish who you are and allow you to connect with people within that niche and even a particular location.
  2. Follow companies through LinkedIn’s “Company Follow” where you can find talent, receive company status updates when an employee moves or see who joins companies that produce the talent you are looking for.
  3. Search for companies or candidates through LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search feature.  You can filter your results and save your search parameters if you would like LinkedIn to run the searches again and then email you the results.

Getting started with LinkedIn recruiting doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you implement these ideas to get yourself started, you are well on your way to making the connections you need to grow your company or office.

One thought on “How to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting and Talent Attraction

  1. This is a great article. LinkedIn is the most underutilized social network in real estate. I will expand upon your excellent advice.

    JOIN GROUPS – LinkedIn is the "darling" social media platform for human resources (HR) professionals. Who hires? Who's 'in the know" about people moving into town and people who are leaving?

    Human Resources professionals!

    HR are great people to know and they are the best networkers on LinkedIn.

    Do a search in your metro area for local HR networkers.Search "human resources" and also search "HR".

    Then search for local networkers. Business people create LinkedIn groups to maximize exposure and create referrals. Search "my town + networkers." Join some groups.

    Visit your groups weekly, engage, and watch for in-person meetups where you can shake hands and make an important transformation from an avatar to a flesh-and-blood, breathing human person.

    Answer questions and share information. DO NOT PITCH in groups and do not post listings there.

    WRITE TESTIMONIALS – This is a GREAT recruiting device ….Are there a local agents who did a super job on a transaction with your company, who you would love to hire?

    Connect with those agents on LinkedIn and write glowing testimonials that will appear on their LinkedIn profile pages. (TIP: Retention is just as important as recruiting, so don't forget to write testimonials for your own agents, too!)

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