13 August 2015

Gen Y wants to DIY! Fixer-Upper Features Interest Millennials


From craft beer to Pinterest crafts, the Millennial generation has embraced DIY projects. While some of us wouldn’t touch a fixer-upper home with a ten-foot pole, many Millennials, who dealt with student-loan debt and other recession-related money troubles, enjoy getting their hands dirty in order to save a buck and make their place look nicer. However, this age group also values authenticity in marketing and sales. They want to know if a home is a hidden gem or a money pit.

Gain your DIY millennial clients’ trust by asking them the following questions:

How much time and skill can they commit?

Just because your client watches HGTV, it doesn’t mean that they should dive into pouring their own concrete or sledgehammering a wall. First, ask about their experience with home construction and when they plan on working on their home. You’ll be able to better match them with a house that suits their needs and their dreams. In each prospective home, point out potential projects that may take more time and effort as well as the areas that just need some elbow grease and a new paint job.

How high are their expectations?

Some Millennials want to simply freshen up a quaint old house. Others dream of a full renovation, a la “Rehab Addict.” Advise your clients up front on the legal steps of doing a big remodel, such as securing permits with your city, as well as the extra costs involved, such as contractors or supplies.
Gen Y wants to DIY! Fixer-Upper Features Interest Millennials - bhgrealestateblog.com

Are they knowledgeable about problems old homes can have?

Asbestos, lead paint and leaky foundations are scary concepts to the Millennial first-time homebuyer. It may seem like you won’t sell a property if you mention these problems in other homes from the same time period or in the neighborhood, but your Gen Y buyers will trust you if you tell them about these potential challenges, leaving you with an open, honest and professional relationship.

Do they know what they want to do?

It can be overwhelming for a Millennial craving a craftsman bungalow to walk in and see chipped walls, a tiny kitchen and unstained floors. Tell your clients about easy fixes that will completely change a home, like open cabinet doors, staining wood floors or changing the hardware and faucet in the kitchen. Better yet, show them through one of the most popular social networks for DIYers: Pinterest. Create a Pinterest page with easy home remodel tutorials, inspirational homes, pictures of your listings and even tips on the home buying process. By promoting this site on your website and other social pages, you can show clients that you’re knowledgeable and compassionate about their DIY dreams.

“If I had a hammer…”

Asking these simple questions upfront will give you a better idea of what your buyers are interested in and most importantly, what they can handle from a DIY perspective. Keep in mind, even when you have all the answers to these questions, it doesn’t hurt to have a contractor’s name handy just in case!

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