2 October 2009

Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Last week, speaker, and trends tracker Stefan Swanepoel published a list that featured the top 100 Twitter people that influence and or interest him the most.Then, Founder of Rain City Guide Dustin Luther also published his list of top 50 Most Influential people to compensate those he felt should have been on Stefan’s personal list, but weren’t. It was interesting to scan both lists, click on the various accounts and sample the range of posts to gain a better understanding of what “influential” Tweet about. But on Sunday Conversation Agent published their list of 100 PR worth following on Twitter which I found incredibly interesting and beneficial. I appreciated the fact that this list was targeted, which gave context and meaning to what and who the people on this list are influential to and for.

Speaking of Twitter, Jennifer Leggio of ZDnet questions the the depth and scope of corporate Twitter accounts especially for the Johnny come lately brands that do it to do but offer no real substance in this post titled I don’t care if your company is on Twitter.

Can you benefit from content scraped from your site? Take a look at what Google Webmaster Central says taken from their YouTube channel.

Jay Thompson has been hanging around the social media water cooler for quite a while. He’s earned his stripes. Even has an innovator award from Inman that serves as his purple heart. So one might expect him to be gaga over social media. Well he is. But to a sound and logical point which he clearly expresses in this must read Achieving Untold Wealth Via Social Media.

On the same topic of social media reality check brandmind published some very cohesive thoughts about social media and how it works best when integrated. That means planning social media efforts as part of a comprehensive communication plan here titled With the social Web, don’t expect results to come easy.

4 thoughts on “Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

  1. Sherry – Nice read – The whole issue of the lists and the controversy it stirred was an interesting interlude for the week . Valeria's list was, I agree, neat since these professionals are all working on using the social media space in their business and observing their contributions and strategies is a fascinating pasttime.

    Love the fact that you took the time to share some neat links on Friday – Have great weekend! BTW I have some video of you doing the "hat roll" in San Francisco that has yet to be posted – but it will be 😉

  2. Still trying to get a handle on the "influential" part of some of the influential twitterers. I have followed a few of them for most of 2009 and tweets like "good morning world" or "I'm humming along to…" some music just seems like meaningless babble. And most of them also need to write more posts on their blogs.

    Sherry, thereare so many links in this post that it may take me all weekend to get the full background here.

    Otherwise, your photos look fantastic, videos are top notch… and good to see Bill hangs out here too.

  3. Hi Doug, thanks for stopping by here! We post the "Friday Blog Scan" every Friday as weekend reading and a summary of things we noticed during the week… glad you enjoyed it. As far as the influential lists go, way to much time has been spent in the past week on this topic much to the amusement of many observers. Bottom line observation for me – everyone likes to be recognized, that has been important since the beginning of time, and so it should be. Recognition creates benchmarks for others to aspire to. The important question to ask is – what are you being recognized for?

  4. Bill, thanks for your thoughts… please read my reply to Doug below. I do look forward to seeing the "hat roll" footage! Have a great week.

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