24 April 2009

Branding: From Guidelines to Greatness

This was a big week for us here at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – the newest addition to our family, Rand Realty, was a both a memorable event and an incredible group effort.  Being such a large company, Rand took the opportunity to work with us very closely as we took the brand from the “brand identity guidelines manual’ into real life — across their website, their collateral, their advertising and everything marketing related.

Rand RealtyAnd I was so personally thrilled with the results.  It’s always tough when translating a brand from a corporate level to  a new franchisee – kind of like handing over your pet to someone else trusting that they will care for and feed it! Well feed our pet the Rand team surely did. We created a seamless continuum from our corporate vision to their company, and truly leveraged the strength that comes from brand equity, when you treat it with care and creativity.

So, if you’re interested, check out
www.RandRealty.com and our photos of the day at Flickr.com/BHGRealEstate and the launch video at http://www.YouYube.com/watch?v=wKidRFlljPY

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