20 March 2014

BHGRE National Open House Weekend Countdown: Part 2, Prepping the House and Yourself


Thanks for coming back for part 2 of our BHGRE national Open House Weekend Countdown – prepping the house and yourself.

Before the house is opened to the potential customers, both you and the house must be prepared. Having a good presentation and knowing the answers to the questions buyers will have, will give you confidence and help create a favorable first impression.

First, we will go over some quick tips for preparing the home that you will be showing.

There are several things that you can do to increase the look and feel of the house, without having to go through a full staging process. For example, people love to see the windows of the home – you will want the house to be well-lit, so opening the curtains and shades will provide a double benefit for you.

Make sure the approach to the home is clean and clear. Try to get cars out of the driveway, and clean off the walkways so your potential clients can easily get into the home.

The television should definitely be off for your showing, you want the house and yourself to shine during this event, so keep distractions to a minimum. A little music is nice to have, but it should be something soft or classical. Prepare a sign-in sheet, and putting out a dish with some chocolates or candy is a nice touch.

Preparing yourself is going to be the more time-consuming portion of this process, and you will want to make sure you have the correct materials and knowledge so that you can answer questions thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

Preparation will include having answers about the home such as price, property taxes, square footage, heating and air conditioning information, school information, deed, property disclosures and financing options including monthly payments with 5%, 10% and 20% down. Knowing all of the information by heart will make you look professional, and will give your buyers confidence when it comes to working with you.

Market information is also critical to have mastered. Know what is available now; know what is under deposit, what has sold and what may have expired.

The last point that I really wanted to spend time on is anticipating and preparing for objections that customers may have. You should not be offended by any criticisms which may be voiced during the open house. If you look at the house objectively, you will probably see the things that might be pointed out. Preparing responses and objection-busters for these criticisms is sometimes crucial for landing a customer.

Always try to focus on the positive side of things. For example, if prices in your area are still down and so are sales, try telling them the number of closings and deposits since the first of the year. This will do two things for you, it puts a positive spin on something that the buyer is concerned with, and makes you look more knowledgeable.

I hope you gained some good information from this post, please check back with us next week, for part 3 of our Open House Countdown series when I go over the steps to actually running the open house.

Happy selling!

To learn more, you can click here for additional information about BHGRE Open House Weekend. Remember, more tools and resources are always available in the BHGRE Greenhouse.

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