23 April 2009

10 More Things…

Yesterday was certainly a day to remember as we welcomed Rand Realty to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network. Sherry used the analogy of a wedding to describe the events leading up to the launch. For me it was more like being a kid at Christmas time and waiting for Santa Claus.

On March 22nd, we started the countdown — one month from today is launch day. Then three weeks, two weeks, one week, 5 days, 2 days, tomorrow! OMG…are we ready, have we forgotten anything, will all the technology work, how will the agents react, will it leak out early. There were so many things to think about.

Then finally yesterday came and everything went exactly as we had hoped and planned.

Here’s my top 10 list of highlights:

  • It takes a village to make a successful transition happen and we had one! Thanks to everyone who helped.
  • When decorating a room for a real estate event, blow up the balloons first. It will save you from explaining to everyone who asks during set up that “yes, we have balloons.”
  • Real estate is a small world. Marsha Rand and Nick Wolff have been friends and competitors for a long time. Always be a friendly and respectful competitor. You never know the opportunities that tomorrow may bring.
  • No detail is too small. I laughed when an agent asked Sherry to get her business cards for her, and of course Sherry did!
  • If you are having a meeting with Matt Rand at 3:00, tell him it is at 2:30. I wish Marsha would have explained “Matt time” to me earlier.
  • National and local websites can work together.  Check out www.randrealty.com and www.bhgrealestate.com.
  • Joe Rand rocks the platform. Congrats on a great speech. You were amazing even without the acrobats.
  • Greg Rand’s promise and vision about the future growth and success of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty!
  • Working with great people is the ultimate reward.
  • And number 10, this is just the beginning!

Joe Rand’s Cartwheel

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